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by | Jul 28, 2020 | Photography & Web Design

Over the past few months we have been completing some really interesting photography and web design projects for several hospitality businesses in the Peak District and Staffordshire Moorlands. Whether it be B&Bs, holiday country cottages or luxury barn conversions, the feedback and results have been very positive and highlighted the fact that we offer much more than photography and web design.

So, work with us, and here’s what you get as part of our package:

Know How and Expertise

We have over 15 years experience in digital marketing for some of the best luxury small hotels in Spain. Using our knowledge and skills gained from this time, we are now developing a digital marketing business locally in the Midlands to support local businesses.

Drive more traffic to your website

We register your website with all search engines and build the website with a secure website padlock and sitemap. We also use ‘Search Engine Optimization’ software so that the pages are optimized for search engine rankings.

We’ll discuss techniques to drive more traffic to your website, and using website tracking such as google analytics (which we will install), you can see which techniques work so that you can focus on those.

Increase direct bookings

Reducing agency costs whilst developing direct bookings is always a big factor for hospitality businesses. We have lots of advice and techniques to do this.

Moreover, we build websites that focus on user experience so that guests have the confidence and are encouraged to book direct. We can work with any simplified or sophisticated online booking system so that your direct bookings can be confirmed instantly and updated with all the major agencies such as, airbnb etc.

Turn ‘first timers’ into ‘returners’

Again, another important factor for the hospitality industry and one that has a significant impact on booking levels moving forward. There are many free and low cost ways to do this and we would discuss techniques where spending a small amount of time can have big returns. Statistics show that returning guests are often the best and most content guests.

Flexible, collaborative and enjoyable process

The thought of new photography and web design for your business can be quite daunting. Our aim is to make the process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Advising on ways we think would attract more customers, listening to your needs and wants, and keeping open communication throughout the whole process. We can be very flexible and split the project over a period of time (i.e. photographs in the summer and web design in the autumn) and we only ask for payment at the end of each phase of the project when you are completely happy with the results.

More than just photography

We specialise in photography that creates more bookings. We have over 15 years professional photography experience in the hospitality industry and we know how to visually capture your business in order to increase bookings.

Free use of professional local area images

Enticing images of the local area are a great way to commit guests to come and stay with you. We have a growing number of strong visual images of the Peak District and Staffordshire Moorlands which we add for free to your website. Images will be unique to yourwebsite and not be used elsewhere.

Low cost and high impact

We specialise in branding, photography and web design so all these areas can be offered as one package reducing your costs significantly yet maintaining a high standard across them all. Not to mention all the other areas highlighted in this blog which come for free!


For more information about any of the above or to have a chat about how we can help you, please get in touch or call us using either of the numbers below.

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