Top tips to create the best holiday accommodation photography

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Photography & Web Design

Whether you’re a B&B or hotel, or letting your house, apartment, second home or small empire of holiday cottages, great photography is pretty much paramount to welcoming more guests through your door. I’ve been taking professional photographs of holiday accommodation for nearly 20 years and so here’s my top tips to get your photography right and increase your bookings.

Create the best impression of your accommodation

Obvious but often overlooked. Choosing the right rooms at the right time of day with the right composition can make all the difference. You want your place to look its best. Think through which rooms do guests always want to rebook, where do they like to hang out, what do they compliment in reviews. Sometimes it’s not just the physical aspects of your accommodation. It could be you or your food.

Have a full set of images

What do I mean by this? Well, just one photograph showing the overall layout of each room can look a bit staid. Mix up your images to show overall layouts and details within a room or outside. This could be a beautiful feature fireplace, afternoon tea laid out, or if you’re lucky enough, an ornate fountain in the garden. Blur out backgrounds or foregrounds to highlight your rooms (or your!) best features. When I work, I often use up to three different lens’ to get a good mix of overall images.

Create the right mood and consistency with your photographs

Holiday accommodation comes in all forms; luxury, character, cosy, grand, charming, contemporary. Or usually a combination of these. Be consistent with your images to create the right mood and portray the type of accommodation that you offer.

Style your rooms

Styling can be quite tricky. It’s important that your interior and exteriors look natural yet inviting. Having styled rooms for many years whilst taking photographs, I’ve learnt that one or two chosen things can elevate the room or exterior. Get it wrong and the image goes in the bin!

Have up to date photographs across all platforms

This is another area often overlooked but definitely worth thinking about. It can make a significant difference making sure that you have the same high quality full set of photographs across your website, letting agencies (Airbnb, etc) and other promotional materials. Be up to date and consistent! It shows potential guests that you’re on top of things, which can translate to giving that impression across the whole of your business – and thereby getting the booking!

Dare I say it – it pays to hire a Professional!

Airbnb has recently said that having good professional photographs can increase your bookings by up to 40%. Other statistics state that your imagery plays a 60% role in the decision making process of guests, with some guests making a booking choice on images alone.

Usually at the cost of one extra booking (and often much less depending on your accommodation), I can create a full set of new professional images for digital and print promotional material. The stats show it’s a wise investment; gaining many new customers, who will hopefully repeat book and promote your place to friends and family for many years to come.



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